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  • TB Tennis , arises after more than 39 years dedicated to competition, management and sports teaching . More than 7 years of research , analysis on the benefits of sport and the best learning techniques, in a fun, organized and affordable way. With security protocols against Covid-19.

  • It helps to reduce the alarming rates of obesity and bad habits, among the general population (children and adults).

  • It reduces the risk of suffering diseases related to a sedentary life, which is increasingly on the rise. (diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular, stroke, some types of cancer, etc.)

  • Reduces social costs,  increases labor and business productivity.

  • It contributes social and sports values , such as the achievement of team goals, inclusion, empathy, creativity, autonomy, decision-making, self-improvement, resilience, discipline, commitment, self-esteem, concentration, strength, mental agility, flexibility, emotional management and respect for the environment. All this in a fun and affordable way.

  • It stimulates minors and adolescents, helping them to develop a personality with character and criteria , which helps them to succeed in an increasingly changing, uncertain and competitive society.

  • Innovative teaching methodology, which allows to learn in less time , technical skills, attention, coordination, psychomotor skills, balance, emotional control, respect for the contrary, etc. ...

  • It encourages the population with routines that encourage them to play, have fun, play sports and socialise with guarantees of safety. What  strengthens your immune system, provides a better quality of life and autonomy.

  • It encourages sports as a family , uniting generations (siblings, parents, grandparents, etc.)

  • Implementation is compatible with all types of sports, recreational, school, hotel and residential facilities. Being able to install in a few minutes, on any uniform surface, outdoors or  roofs with low height (5 / 6m).

"The physically active population generates

greater happiness, productivity and efficiency to their society "

TB Tennis court

Do you want to play TB Tennis?

We have a School on the beach of San Juan de Alicante, we organize tournaments, individual leagues, couples and teams in Alicante. Private and group classes.


If you want to set up your own TB Tennis School in Spain, we offer advice and training for future instructors and coaches with an innovative teaching methodology.  With this new business model, you will be able to expand your market share and add value to your clients and students.

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