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How do you play?

Rules Shooting basics



It is formed by a rectangle 12m long by 6m wide, divided in half by a mini tennis net 6.00m to 6.30m long and 80cm to 90cm high. The service or service tables measure 3.6m long x 3m wide. Singles and doubles are played on the same surface.

The Ball

It can measure between 6.5cm to 9cm in diameter, and it has to be made out of foam. For official competitions it should not measure more than 8.5cm in diameter.


The Racket

It has a minimum length of 53.5cm and a maximum of 58.5cm. The width of the racket head should not exceed 27cm.

The Score

A match can be played with 2 or 3 sets won, of 10 points. Whoever earns 10 points first will win a set. Provided that there is a minimum margin of two points of advantage when reaching 10.


The Service

The server stands with both feet behind the baseline, within the lateral limits of the court.

It is not allowed to perform the service by stepping on the baseline. The server throws the ball into the air to hit it,  in a cross direction towards the opponent's service box, before it falls to the ground.  

There is only 1 service to put the ball in play in 1st and 2nd Category. From the 3rd category, you can have 2 attempts.

The first service of each Set will always be made from the right half of the court. The next two points will be served by the opposing player or pair, starting their first serve in the left box, alternating the services on each side and each player or pair successively, until the end of the Set.

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