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Play, Enjoy, Learn,Thrill and much more...


TB Tennis, an innovative, inclusive, affordable, sustainable sport and, above all, great fun.

Learn it and enjoy with your friends, family, partner..., in Playa de San Juan.

With 2 to 3 hours a week you will improve your health. Organize your group of 4 to 8 friends, and get up to 20% discount.

TB Tenis Academy  Alicante

- Edif. Leo, Avda. Santander, 10

Playa de San Juan 

TB Tenis Academy  Santa Pola

- Polideportivo Andrés Baile "El Monsa"

Avda. Zaragoza, 15. Santa Pola

Info: +34 677 419 759

Join and play with us

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